We have completed upgrading our Linux shared hosting infrastructure with a new operating system called CloudLinux that optimizes your site's performance.
Today, on a shared hosting server, you are sharing resources with other sites, your digital neighbors so to speak. Yet sometimes, unpredictable issues having nothing to do with your site, can slow server performance or worse - cause a complete outage of the server. This can be the result of bad scripting or a spike in traffic on your neighbors site, that impact your website's performance

That's the heart of the CloudLinux solution and it can deliver "rock solid reliability" with its innovative Lightweight Virtual Environment™ technology. It isolates and limits resources of each site creating separation and prevents other sites from affecting you.
We are pleased to be able to offer you CloudLinux – a new solution that "crash proofs" the server so we can deliver:
  • Increased server capability without increasing risk of a site of going down
  • More efficient and stable server that lets you add new functions to your site without worry
  • Reduced impact of unpredictable events like load spikes that can slow down or take down a server
  • and this even lets us be greener because we service more customers more efficiently with less hardware
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Bayanhosting.com uses the latest virtualization technologies from CloudLinux to improve server stability and prevent downtime on our shared hosting servers.

Shared Hosting Challenge

A typical shared server hosts huge numbers of accounts that all use the same server resources. If one website uses too many resources, it can slow down or shut down the server. This is common for shared hosting servers and happens for like:
  • Traffic spikes – a mention on a popular forum can send thousands of visitors to a website in minutes and overwhelm the server causing downtime.
  • Inefficient coding – a single bug in one website's code can use all CPU resources, no matter how powerful the server, and cause downtime.
  • Denial Of Service attacks – hackers invade an insecure website and hog the server resources.

Bayanhosting.com's Solution

We eliminate these threats by using CloudLinux, an operating system specifically designed to address the weaknesses and risks associated with shared hosting.
CloudLinux uses innovative Lightweight Virtualization Environment (LVE) technology to create isolation between websites on a shared server. By containing each website, CloudLinux prevents each one from using more resources than allocated, making sure that one website cannot affect another.
CloudLinux gives you peace of mind that your website is protected from other sites on the same server.
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With CloudLinux, if a website uses too many resources, only that site will slow down until it responds with "Server Busy" error. Once resource usage for the website gets back to acceptable levels, it will automatically start working again.

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